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The Reva Smart Alloy owners’ Club
The Reva Smart Alloy electric car owners club is an informal group of Smart Alloy electric car owners and enthusiasts. Formed in the Summer of 2006, it exists as a forum to exchange views and ideas, and for occasional social meetings with like-minded people.
Membership is free and is open to all. Central to the club’s activities is the on-line forums, where people can exchange views and ideas online. If you are interested in finding out more about the car, or have comment of your own to make, it is well worth reading these forums.
You don’t have to own a Reva Smart Alloy electric car in order to join the club. All enthusiasts are welcome, and if your interests are in electric cars other than the Reva Smart Alloy, you’re still welcome to join in.
We also welcome journalists and students carrying out research into electric cars. All are welcome, except for company’s masquarading as enthusiasts trying to sell your own products or services to members. If you have a product or a service that you think may be of interest to our members, please contact us first to introduce yourself.
How the club is funded
We do not charge a membership fee to join the club. Our costs are low and these are covered through web site advertising and affiliate marketing. We also have a small online web shop.
If you shop at any of the following web sites, please ‘click through’ to the sites from here – it costs you nothing and generates a small income for the club. This funding will ensure we never have to charge a membership fee or ask for donations in the future, and will help us to maintain the web site and fund new initiatives.
If this is successful, we’ll be offering more free stuff to members in the future, so please help!
How To Join
To join the club, all you need to do is register to use the forums by filling in our online registration form. Membership is completely free and registration takes only a few moments. You will need to provide a valid e-mail address as an e-mail will be sent to you in order to confirm your registration.
Once you have done that, you’re in! Join in with the forums, see what other people are saying and add your own comments and discussion points. It’s interesting and good fun too!
Search Our Site
Search through over 10,000 articles and forum postings on this web site. What is a Reva Smart Alloy?
The Reva Smart Alloy electric car is a small four-seat battery electric car, designed in California, built in India and imported into the UK by a company called GoinGreen.
Designed as a city car. It can take two adults and two children, keeps up with other traffic in town and is small enough to squeeze through the narrowest gaps and park in the smallest spaces.
In London, it is exempt from the Congestion Charge, and owners are entitled to free parking by some councils. Several councils have gone further by providing free charging points for electric cars, allowing them to be recharged whilst parked.
The electric car is charged by plugging the car directly into a standard 13amp socket. 80% charge is achieved in a little over two hours, with a full charge taking around 8 hours to complete. A typical charge costs around 30-50p, depending on electricity tariff.
Over 1200 Reva Smart Alloy electric cars have been sold in the London area alone. It is the UKs best selling electric car of all time.
Know your Reva Smart Alloy
The Smart Alloy (known as the Reva in the rest of Europe) has evolved since its UK launch in 2003. There are three distinct versions of the car:
Smart Alloy dc-drive
The dc-drive car is the original model produced until the end of 2006. The top speed is 40mph and the range is 30-40 miles.
Smart Alloy ac-drive
Visually identical to the dc-drive model, the ac-drive was launched in mid 2006. Its faster with a top speed of 45mph, has improved hill climbing abilities and has a better range (up to 48 miles) thanks to an improved motor and better regenerative braking.
Smart Alloy i
Announced in November 2007 with deliveries starting last February, the Reva Smart Alloy i has a curved windscreen, front disk brakes, better handling, more interior headroom, a digital dashboard, a top speed of 50mph and a new crash-tested safety cell developed with Lotus.
Lighter, longer-range lithium ion batteries with an anticipated range of 65 miles will be an option in the car in the near future.