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Welcome to the Reva Smart Alloy Electric Car Owner’s Club

The Reva Smart Alloy Electric Car Owner’s Club is the largest electric car club of its kind in Europe with over 700 members. Membership is free and is open to anyone who is interested in these electric cars.

The Reva Smart Alloy Owner’s Club is mainly web based, with active web forums. So if you own a Smart Alloy electric car (known as the Reva electric car elsewhere in Europe), or are just interested in electric cars in general – join in!

To join the Reva Smart Alloy Owner’s Club, contact us.

New to the Reva Smart Alloy electric car?

If you are new to the Reva Smart Alloy electric car and want to find out more about it, there is plenty of information and photographs on our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to sign up and post a message in our internet forums: there’s plenty of enthusiasts who can answer your questions about what it is like to own and run a Reva Smart Alloy electric car.

Want to know more about electric cars?

If you are new to electric cars in general and want to find out more about them, we have a new book. “Owning an Electric Car” tells you everything you need to know about electric car ownership. It is written by Michael Boxwell, Smart Alloy Owners Club administrator and long-term electric car owner.

Owning an Electric Car is available from Amazon and all good booksellers, priced £11.99 / $19.99: Visit the Electric Car book website.

What about owners of other electric cars?

If you own another electric car, you are still more than welcome to join in. We have members who own various other electric cars – including Elettricas, Citroen Berlingo Electriques and Aixam Mega City cars.

15% discount on Reva Smart Alloy insurance

We’ve teamed up with specialist insurer Adrian Flux to offer a 15% discount to all members of the Reva Smart Alloy Owners Club.

How to Play Online Bingo

Are you a fan of bingo?

If so, then you might want to try out online bingo, but aren’t really sure how to get started. Once you learn how to play and finish some games you’ll be well on your way to enjoying one of the most exciting online games available on the Internet. Here are some easy steps to get you started:


Step 1: Get a CPU and Internet computer

You can play online bingo by using various different types of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Each of these will have pros and cons. While a desktop will be more convenient, it won’t allow you to play while on the go, so if that’s a concern then you should choose a smartphone or tablet.


A reliable Internet connection is also important. This will help to ensure that your bingo playing is as uninterrupted as possible. While there’s always a chance that some glitches could happen, it’s important that your Internet connection is mostly reliable, so you’ll be able to play online bingo at virtually anytime.


Step 2: Register at an online gaming website

This is an easy yet critical step to get you started. There are several online sites available, so it’s important to do some comparisons before choosing which site(s) you want to register at. We have found that the most reliable source is Online Bingo Friends, as they supply you with safe and user friendly options. Different sites have different rules and regulations so it’s critical to learn the basics before choosing a particular site.


Step 3: Learn the basics

Online bingo has many aspects of the traditional game, minus the noise and smoke. If those are issues for you, then you should certainly consider it. The main component when playing is a pop-up window. This will contain various critical informational items including:


  • Card faces
  • Current number
  • Previously called numbers
  • List of players


Step 4: Learn about the extra features

There are many other features when playing online bingo. For example, chat rooms allow players to talk about different topics, such as bingo or other topics. This is definitely an important feature that will make your bingo playing even more fun. That’s because you can chat with other players, improve your bingo skills and knowledge, etc.


Besides the chat rooms, bingo sites also include other fun things to browse. They include pictures of past winners, news about future events, places to redeem gift certificates that you win online, and so on. All of these features can certainly make your bingo-playing experience more fun, as it helps to pass the time between games, learn some important bingo strategies, etc.


Step 5: Be prepare for some fees

Many online bingo sites include free games; the majority of them have some charge some sort of fee. For example, if you subscribe to certain sites you won’t have to worry about pop-up windows with ads, and other issues. However, in terms of convenience it’s definitely worth considering if you want to enjoy hours upon hours of online bingo fun.



Online bingo can definitely be as fun as playing the brick-and-mortar version. The above steps are basic ways to get you started. Good luck!

Jobs Within The Car Industry

Jobs Within The Car Industry

So that you want to be a vehicle, salesperson. There are lots of work awaiting you in this industry, and they all are very ensuring your vocation growth and they might perhaps aid in building your finances firm if we possibly may also incorporate. All of the items that take part in this industry involve knowledge and years of activities. Nevertheless you don’t possess to fear if you will endeavour to obtain a task in a high page automobile business if you contact oneself an amateur in the field, training would-be presented.

One of having into e-commerce, of the needs is naturally your expertise about the merchandise that you will be about to handle. As this is what’s planning to push you and motivate you next is your interest for that industry. It will also be your resource in the business, which can make you crucial. Listed here are the careers that can be looking forward to in the industry that is a vehicle.

* Design– this office might involve one not just to include a diploma about the said field but also an experience having automobiles. Auto Design could study’s field in case you are hoping to get to the architectural office of an automobile business you have to complete. It’s an exciting occupation, particularly when it’s your interest to get of building a vehicle into the intricacies.

* Auto Artist- should you choose want to be taking care of the intricacies how you and a vehicle features simply desire on how it seems, to focus, then being automobile designer is setting yourself up for, something you must think. This would also require one to possess some diploma not to be unable to acquire many experience or the job from profile automobile companies that are high. You will be given the edge in this industry by graduation using a Diploma in Vehicle Style.

* Auto Salesperson– that is one of many sections in a vehicle business it doesn’t typically require a diploma provided that you’re competent enough to make sales. While naturally it’s planning to offer you more edge when you have a diploma in Business or Enterprise Administration, when you can convince the HR that you could offer automobiles but you however possess a chance of getting a work achieving this. It’s also greatest that you simply include an experience doing it.

* Auto Restorer– that is one exciting occupation in the industry that is vehicle, particularly when you are a person who definitely desires to commit a lot of occasion having automobiles to create them back to their condition that is initial. You never have to work with a high report business because with this particular; you might truly work on your own personal and set your personal service up. You just have not to be unskilled at it, and you might have this as your organization that is own personal.

These are on the list of jobs into if you’re that passionate having automobiles; you could get oneself. We’re able to guarantee you that of the truly pay well.

Coping With Vehicle Reviews Before Investing In A Vehicle

Coping With Vehicle Reviews Before Investing In A Vehicle

What’re the advantages of automobile reviews and who earnings by them?

The solution emits of being easy an impact. The consumer is granted every one of the understated factors he/she could be active having, and additionally a standing of the vehicles, consequently he/she looks, by most records, to be the only recipient of automobile audits, because they are beneficial devices in purchasing the best determination when obtaining a car. For car vendors generally’s benefit, automobile reviews can work whatever the case likewise, as their sites are going to be thoroughly trafficked and begin of prospects from the qualified buyers’ little bit – prospective customers – is prone to happen.

At the position when car vendors are active having attracting visitors to their sites, they have a rare assortment of implies offered to them. Their remains created by a Web browser can undeniably accompany a quantity of visitors, however, another situation nevertheless a decent placing. How can you transform them into prospects and hold those visitors? Automobile audits are the reply.

Automobile reviews that are excellent offer the proper data that the visitors demand. A first step, which can be essential, is that the clients that are potential can commit some energy perusing the automobile review placed on the web page. The acquire of a car is a crucial step and purchasing an automobile model that is certain might end up being a procedure that is unpredictable and careful. Despite their imaginable financial benefits, most of the prospective customers feel the must certainly be very much qualified before they continue forward that of driving it house and truly investing in the car, towards the next step. At the position when analyzing, customers can think that admittance to be had by its beneficial to independent automobile audits, that will offer that their finest enthusiasm as customers begins available points. Guests can be transformed into the best data offered by automobile reviews that are independent into a customer quickly, and also this could be the matter that car vendors need to use.

Automobile reports is another way of maintaining the clients that are potentially qualified. The most recent reports make the object of enthusiasm for each one of those searching about regarding a car acquire, or those enthusiastic about autos. Rates, many persons consider that the automobile reviews witnessed on automobile sites should be trustworthy greater than a few another way of data. Buyers trust automobile newsletters that are online in the lighting of the truth that they understand that the data’s greater part there originates from persons merely like them who’ve anything to share generally. Supplying the buyer of publishing his, with all the likelihood /her specific review of a car is important. Individuals need to settle with regards to getting a car on coached decisions, and automobile newsletters that online provide them the info they might require.

A car site is a trusted well-spring of data, along with offered at any hour, since the net does not have any impediments at all. Acar net log gives a wide array of data to visitors, by way of example, tips for getting autos, maintenance, auto repair and wellbeing, pure issues, et cetera. Some auto that was other related views may constitute the inspiration behind person’s spouse that was why to your automobile blog. These views might allude to power style or power.

All You Have To In Regards To The Volvo To Know

All You Have To In Regards To The Volvo To Know

This auto continues to be recognized because of its quality and course. Because it came from Sweden, it’s certainly one of Europe’s prides. The entire year was 1927 when two remarkable prodigies inside the car industry, Assar Gabrielsson, and Larson launched it. In 2014, the organization already reached the amount of 2.23 or million as its revenue alone. It’s existing reported property sums to 382 or million. It was already established since 1915 although it was unveiled in the market in 1927. The Jakob that was its initial type for the Volvo OV 4-series was the first auto that the firm has previously launched. Ever since then, the organization didn’t demonstrate of slowing down that up to today, they have managed to preserve their graphic in the course and quality any symptoms.

It was never directly cars this firm made. They also created vehicles that have been also created popular in Bangalore. The metro transit is obviously manufactured from vehicles out of this auto firm. As a way to provide items from neighbourhood destination for another in Europe vans were additionally by this company. Volvo is similar to the Mercedes-Benz of Sweden.

Volvo has expanded all over the world it is now available not merely but as well as Asia, The, and even Cameras. The Volvo XC90 is its launch that is newest so that as usually, it’s one of the most favourite household cars made nowadays. Volvo is well known to become one of the cars that were safest to operate a vehicle in the world. There was exam created when a Volvo was driven off a cliff and also the phony was inside there didn’t encounter any accident in any respect. It was well protected by the parts that were out plus it was shown to be protected on the road.

The evaluations are away regarding this new model the organization simply launch Summer that is final of the year. Them all were amazed around the security this could present to its consumers. In reality, a great deal were amazed when it comes to this section, as they get established a new typical. It is a seven-seater auto, which makes it even more perfect for a household that is developing. You can purchase this regarding one could, 750 Pounds and 45 least regarding 665 Pounds. Will be the value worth every penny? The answer is CERTAINLY!

The seats that have been expanded are only among the things that help it become popular to customers, particularly inside the Great Britain. Limits that are height definitely won’t be a problem around the car’s first-row, so you can virtually picture this bad boy being driven by Shaquille O’Neil.

Volvo has come quite a distance to get a family car. It is keeping its graphic of quality and safety for the household while driving even over a lumpy road. To date, no problem has been really seen by us from obtaining this auto. In reality, most evaluations might also fee it nine from 10, using ten during the best. You will not fail as well as your household in any respect.

Coping With Auto Insurance

Coping With Auto Insurance

It is a must that you just already have a car insurance company at heart before also purchasing an automobile. It undoubtedly will assist you to retain out-of-trouble, and this may safeguard your property and become effectively reimbursed if anything transpires to your auto. Not getting a car insurance might fit your vehicle in danger. And in many states in America, is in reality necessary for lacking one or you’ll violate what the law states. Here are on how best to cope with having the right auto insurance, your recommendations.

* Search On Premiums– the first thing that you’ll require to accomplish is to check on the rates for sale in your neighborhood region. There are websites that offer this sort of your neighborhood DMV and service could assist you to with. Check on just what a company and others are offering with their plans and compare it. Do not stop before you get the-the one that may suit funds and your preferences. There are many items that could influence the insurance costs also. It provides Although not limited to the vehicle seller’s era, auto profession, and style.

* Learn The Coverage of the Insurance– that is something you need to be sensible on working with. Do not only grab the report and sign it without realizing what insures the insurance you’re obtaining. And whichever choices you have, know it is something that you shouldn’t pay as yet another charge and that the car club membership is programmed to be the main insurance. You’d be on how individuals are tearing down surprised with that thing.

* Coverage Critique– regardless of the policy the company offers, study it. We don’t care if it’s as long as the Affirmation of Freedom, bypassing on many high-quality designs from their document may cause you much significant crisis in the future if you don’t study these meticulously. Remember that the policy have to be in line with the requirements fixed by your local area or Express if you should be in America. This is the reason it truly is merely excellent to acquire insurance that is local. Do not commit the mistake of getting one from another condition.

Once you’ve eventually selected which auto insurance organization might manage this option for you and have currently authorized the reports using them, then that is the simply occasion you could take your car available to get a push. Remember these reports in the home. Anyone do not know when a visitors enforcer would ask this from you and when you will require it. Do not forget that many Claims find it unlawful if you don’t take it with you when you drive. Keep it within your budget or anywhere within your auto.

We all know that spending money on your car insurance could be this type of soreness. But just think as something that may also help you save from a difficulty that is even larger of it if your auto isn’t insured. In-case your car nonetheless does not have insurance, what’re you looking forward to? Get scout for an insurance company today!

Driving Your Car During A Large Downpour

Driving Your Car During A Large Downpour

You will keep in mind that driving downfalls and blunders are not uncommon in the wet climate. Driving in the big downward cascades can hardly be safe, and creates a lot of potential risks to you and your car. By utilizing many actions you decrease the likelihood of a failure and may get set for that moist climate better. Although having development in technology the effectiveness of autos has improved notably, downfalls are normal when it’s moving. The motor of a car is cracked when it absorbs the long-standing rainwater, which often triggers injury to the motor’s weather. Keep your car dry with your own specialised car cover to prevent water damage or risk of slippery driving.

Establish perhaps the excursion is important at all when it’s moving intensely. Find out whether it could not be early until the rainwater moved aside. Wherever normal water is impeded, approach the excursion in increase and give a wide berth to locations. Places having potential blockage are greatest avoided. Generate sure that household and your buddies are aware of the location you’re going towards. Do not disregard while you are undertaking away in the rainwater, creating your cell-phone. Do not create too quick and preserve enough space from the vehicle in a front facet of you.

Before you create the moist roadways safety must begin. When you are currently producing convert on top facet lighting and be sure that the system lighting that is stopping are working efficiently. Water could decrease the coverage and reduce steadily. This makes producing in the rainwater a nerve-ruining knowledge. It is important to modify your producing fashion in line with the avenue circumstance. On a moist avenue avoid distinctive guiding or busting too hard. By this, skidding, which is risky may be caused to. Do keep in mind that producing through inundating normal water can be quite dangerous. Before you determine to create, you should be sure that it’s not dangerous. At-times producing through sturdy normal water could cause considerable injury to your vehicle, which your insurance provider may well not guard.

Here is an example of driving in dangerous heavy rainflows:

Skids may be experienced by experienced motorists as well. If you feel the vehicle is skidding, do notanxiety. Continue to search forward and guide the car in the option you need to get. Do not put the stopping program hard as it might disappoint the car balance rendering it harder for you to manage the car. It is encouraged that you will be added thorough on the moist Avenue and be sure that you avoid adjustments that were different. Be mindful once one’s automobile’s tires have more hold on tight the a part of normal water than on the avenue itself of hydroplaning. As a result of handling and hydroplaning the car begins to slide it becomes rather difficult. Keep in mind that charge restrictions have been created for that instances that are normal rather than during rainstorm.

Pay attention to these methods you were got for by us and you’ll be assured of one’s safety on the road even if there’s a thunderstorm. We realize how it could not be quite safe out there once the temperature is insane.